Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society


The aim of the Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society is to generate an interest in the local history of the parish of Kilbarron Terryglass. The Society believes that it is essential that the rich local history of the Parish be preserved. The Society hopes to support this mission through education, research; promoting the preservation of historic buildings and sites; and by partnering with local and regional institutions; and importantly working beside and with the permission of the local community.

The Society hopes to provide an avenue to discuss, discover, collect and preserve any material that will establish and illustrate the history of Kilbarron Terryglass and to disseminate this historical information by publishing materials, holding meetings and providing educational opportunities to ensure that present and future generations can share in and understand their rich heritage.

The Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society aims

  • To promote interest in local history and an awareness of its importance to the local community in the Civil Parishes of Finnoe, Kilbarron and Terryglass incorporating the villages of Ballinderry, Carrigahorig, Coolbawn, Kilbarron and Terryglass
  • To undertake local historical research
  • To promote the local history, buildings and sites of the parish
  • To disseminate material of interest to members and the community
  • To provide a focal point for those with similar interests
  • To maintain close links with other Societies both in Ireland and abroad
  • To encourage widespread participation and support for local history.
  • To foster partnerships with leading institutions/groups in the community

Kilbarron Terryglass Historical Society 2019